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Create More Freedom in Your Freelance Biz (Webinar Recording)


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"You became a freelancer to have more freedom, right? Learn how to make that happen." —Ally Machate, instructor
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Frustrated that you aren’t enjoying as much freedom as you dreamed of when you first went freelance? In this talk, systems geek and 13-year freelancer Ally Machate will introduce you to tools and tactics that will help keep your business humming along, even when you’re out having fun. We’ll discuss several ways to make your business life easier, smoother, and more efficient, with a special focus on how certain tools and processes can help you spend less time on admin and marketing, have location independence, or just travel more and still be able to do a little work here and there (if you want), or not work at all.

Ally Machate is the founder of The Writer’s Ally and your ally in book publishing. She’s a bestselling book collaborator, award-winning book editor, and expert publishing consultant. With her  insider knowledge of the publishing industry, she helps others reach their publishing goals, whether it’s showing a writer how to improve a manuscript, get an agent, or successfully self-publish, or ghostwriting a book to help an entrepreneur skyrocket her business platform to new levels. Ally was the collaborator on the national bestseller The Way of the SEAL (Reader’s Digest Books, 2013), among other successful titles, and since 1999 she has helped over a hundred books across fiction and nonfiction categories make their way to the reading public one way or another.

This webinar originally aired on May 30, 2018.

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