National Volunteer Week is April 17–23, 2022. As a volunteer-run organization, volunteers are essential to EFA’s continued success. Every EFA program benefits from the care, time, and expertise of members who donate their services with EFA chapters, committees, the Board of Governors, and more. It’s been a busy year with many organizational changes and new initiatives. The following list showcases the extraordinary work and dedication of some of our volunteers.

If this list inspires you to volunteer with the EFA, remember nominations are open for the 2022-2023 Board of Governors. Submit your nomination by May 6!

  • The Advertising committee led by chairperson David Stacks with volunteer Colleen Berry promotes the EFA to both expand outreach to potential clients and help bring in new members.
  • EFA’s chapter coordinators provide educational and networking opportunities for EFA members and guests. Former chairperson Akiko Yamagata helped coordinators migrate to virtual events during the pandemic and streamline operations. Pia Kohler succeeded Yamagata as Chapter Development chairperson in January and with vice-chairperson Alexa Bitsko is continuing to strengthen EFA chapters. Volunteer Chapter Development committee members include Amarilys Acosta, Maria Alonzo, David Stacks, Kristen Tate, Natalie Tomlin, and Nancy Zastudil.
  • Volunteers have worked hard over the past year to make the EFA Discussion List a welcoming space. Former DL committee chairperson Nanette Day and committee members Akiko Yamagata and Christina Frey developed and enforced policies and handled queries. In early 2022, Robin Martin volunteered to serve as interim chairperson and worked with Andy Huston to relaunch the list after a hiatus. New Community Managers include Jean Gazis, Cindy Marsch, and Kim Hayes. Volunteers are still needed!
  • The Diversity Initiative led by chairperson Sangeeta Mehta continues to work to achieve a more diverse membership and promote equitable access. Subinitiative leaders include Charlotte Cable and Katy Grenfell (Communications), Molly Pisani (Events), Linda Ruggeri and Pia Kohler (Welcome Program), and Cody Sisco (Resources).
  • The Diversity Initiative’s Welcome Program offers new members the opportunity to optimize their EFA membership benefits and grow their professional networks. The program is directed by volunteer Linda Ruggeri with team members Pia Kohler and Marcella Lopez. Thanks to all of the volunteer Welcomers whose participation is essential to the success of the program.
  • Over the past year, Education chairperson Molly McCowan has worked to upgrade and improve the EFA’s Education Catalog. In addition to expanding EFA course offerings, she spearheaded and implemented the transition to a new learning management system and worked to ensure the success and sustainability of the program.
  • Events chairperson Amy Spungen has guided the EFA’s return to in-person events and continued to navigate hybrid and virtual events. Thanks to the many booth staff volunteers who have represented the EFA at conferences. If you would like to serve on the Events committee, contact
  • As chairperson, Joy Drohan oversees the Job List, and she’s recruited a committee to enhance it, consisting of Linda Dessau, Evelyn Duffy, David Stacks, Karen Wallace, and Katie Yee.
  • In January, Maria Alonzo succeeded Lourdes Venard as chairperson of the Membership committee. Over the past year, the committee has worked to secure new membership discounts and is working on a new member satisfaction initiative. Committee volunteers include Ronane Lloyd, Lourdes Venard, and Natalie Tomlin. Additional volunteers include Sarah Banks, Katy Grenfell, Lynn Varon, and Erica Williams.
  • Robin Martin, Christina Frey, and Bill Keenan documented EFA operations and procedures as part of the Operations Manual Task Force.
  • Publications chairperson Robin Martin works to update and develop EFA Booklets with committee members Maria Alonzo, Ebonye Gussine Wilkins, Cheryl Murphy, Kevin Callahan, Nieko Ianni, and Dayna Reidenour.
  • Ruth Thaler-Carter recently stepped down after more than a decade as editor of EFA’s newsletter the Freelancer. Volunteers Katie Karp, Ana Traversa, Faye Roberts, and Carol Yerby serve as proofreaders. Jen Maybin has come aboard as the new editor and is seeking column editors and writers.
  • Denise Larrabee has produced the monthly e-bulletin What’s New at the EFA with proofreading assistance from Lila Stromer.
  • Sheryl Holmberg has served as the Public Relations committee chairperson since October. She has promoted EFA’s participation in conferences and worked on communications for the Ruth Mullen Memorial Scholarship program.
  • More than 25 members volunteer their expertise with the EFA Social Media team led by chairperson Katy Grenfell. Over the past few months, they have increased engagement and are working to add new platforms. Thanks to team leaders Neva Talladen (Clubhouse—coming soon!), Renee Clark (Instagram), Pam Eidson (Twitter), Robin Martin (YouTube), Gwen Campbell (LinkedIn), and Katy Grenfell (Facebook).
  • The Strategic Plan Task Force co-chaired by Akiko Yamagata and Amy Spungen with volunteers Alexa Bitsko, Nanette Day, Joy Drohan, Christina Frey, Linda Henson, Pia Kohler, Denise Larrabee, Robin Martin, Luis Pelayo, Cody Sisco, and Lourdes Venard, spent time last fall developing the strategic priorities of the EFA resulting in the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.
  • Andy Huston and volunteer Andrea Reid serve on an ad hoc committee formed to develop a scholarship fund to help diversify the publishing community. Their work has resulted in the creation of the Editorial Freelancers Association Ruth Mullen Memorial Scholarship program.
  • After nine years, Karen Wallace stepped down as Website chairperson last summer. Cody Sisco stepped into the chairperson role with the goal of improving the site’s reliability and functionality.

Finally, we can’t forget the volunteer Board of Governors who manage the work of the volunteers and staff, and represent the interests of the EFA membership. BoG members include Joy Drohan (Secretary and Job List chairperson), Marcina Zaccaria (Treasurer), Maria Alonzo (Membership chairperson), Katy Grenfell (Social Media chairperson), Andy Huston (Member at Large), Pia Kohler (Chapter Development chairperson), Brittany Krysinski (Member at Large), Denise Larrabee (Member at Large), Robin Martin (Publications chairperson), Molly McCowan (Education chairperson), Sangeeta Mehta (Diversity Initiative chairperson), Cody Sisco (Website chairperson), Amy Spungen (Events chairperson), and David Stacks (Advertising chairperson).

Special thanks to our co-executives Christina Frey, who has served since 2016, and Robin Martin, who stepped up to serve as co-executive pro tempore in January after the loss of Ruth Mullen.

Happy National Volunteer Week! If you would like to get involved with the EFA, learn more about how to volunteer.

Susan Patton
EFA General Manager

Office Closed Monday April 8.

The EFA Offices will be closed Monday, April 8, 2024. We will reopen on Tuesday, April 9. Job postings, discussion list subscriptions, and other customer service requests may not be responded to until then.

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