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McKay, Mara L.

Gilpin, Susan
Meticulous Editor! 40 Years' Experience!

Lyons, Maggie
Extensive experience in thoughtful, thorough, client-sensitive business/self-help/academic editing focusing on clarity and compelling language; international clientele.

Hawley, T. M.
Best-selling author & editor for major publishers specializing in academic & narrative nonfiction. Highly regarded fiction editor. Hundreds of satisfied clients over a career spanning decades.

Zwanzig, Rebekah
I am an academic editor, with an MA from the University of Toronto. I also completed all coursework toward a PhD in Comparative Literature at Penn State.

Holman, Tamara

Burke, Melinda

Leroe, Sabrina
Need an experienced editor to get your ideas into polished prose? With a professional editing certificate and a commitment to the clarity and elegance of the written word, I am ready to help!

Brewster, Shelby

Estel, Gabrielle
Great editors advocate for your readers - bridging the gap between understandable and enthralling. I am the reader’s advocate and writer's teammate.

Martin, Robin
Business owners and writers, hire Robin Martin to help you present the best story to your audience. Experienced content editing, line editing, proofreading, and more. Fiction and nonfiction.

Kauffman, Susan
Nonfiction, Multigenre Editor – Copy and Substantive Editing – Manuscript Evaluations – Layout Editing –
Page Layout Artist/Designer – Text Formatting – Typesetting – Writer

Sese, Alexandria
Subtle Editing. Remarkable Stories. Thoughtful editing for literary and speculative fiction that prioritizes the author’s voice and style.

Schnur, Bailey
As an autistic editor with special interests in writing, storytelling, & grammar, I spend 90% of my time writing, reading, & editing prose. Since 2016, I've edited for over 300 clients & students.

Max, Janet
I can hone copy into an elegant, clear message that resonates w/ your audience. Let me bring 30+ years experience in proofreading, copy editing, content editing, writing, and research to your project.

O'Moore-Klopf, Katharine
Board-certified consulting medical editor helping authors in 20+ nations smooth the fluency of their English and get published in 50+ medical journals.

Lines, AE PhD PhD, Dr Lisa
I am one of Australia's most experienced and qualified academic editors.

Tate, Linda K

Strand, David

Skipper, Tracy L.
An accomplished editor and writer with more than 20 years’ experience in academic publishing, supporting new and experienced authors writing in a range of scholarly practice genres

Grogan, Jen
I believe in stories, and in working with writers to make their story as clear and compelling as possible, whether that means a bit of copyediting and polish or a deep developmental edit.

Deer, Marie
*International, multilingual* I care about your message and your words. Let's talk about your project! Deep experience in humanities, fiction, poetry, & memoir, in English, French, German, & Spanish.

McMunn, Brittany
Experienced Editor

Remmell, Patricia
Native US editor with UK/EU skill set. Corporate, marketing, academic, SEO

Rubinstein, Edward
Editor-in-chief for a world renown lifestyle author with the most well-read website in her niche of the industry. I also supervise a small team of writers and editors.

Smith, Leslie
Creative writer and versatile copyeditor, familiar with both US and UK English. Frequent and enthusiastic work with non-English speakers.

Dubnick, Heather Lisa
Experienced editor/indexer; provides editing, proofreading, and indexing services in English, Spanish, French, and Italian

Hartford, Kate
I help your work come alive, through writing, coaching, editing, or basic website design. My goal is to help researchers, activists, & authors say it better so they can better move their audiences.

Jacobs, Timothy
At JWC Publishing we have a staff of editors and ghostwriters ready to work with your words!

Morkes, Andrew
Author of More than 40 Books, Editor of Hundreds of Books and Newsletters, Book Packager, and Project Manager,

Rash, Shirley

Hulse, Corrie
I am a freelance editor and writer with a focus in non-profit and international human rights work.

Nichol, Laura
After 8 years teaching middle school ESL, Laura offers honest, supportive feedback from a wealth of experience in the YA/Teen world. It's easier when you feel like you're working with a friend.

Hanna, Kathi

Bucher, Christine
Copyediting, developmental editing, proofreading and project management of academic, business, technical, fiction, and creative nonfiction, especially prescriptive 

Thomas, Kelly
I am a Literary Agent, Certified Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, Proofreader, Ghost Writer, and Manuscript Evaluator with over 17 years of industry experience

Dragga, Amy
Experienced nonfiction copyeditor and developmental editor; experienced grant writer.

Farrell, Joelle
Reporter, Writer, Editor, Copy Editor, Proposal and Grant Writer

Freeman, Mary Margaret
Professional academic editing and coaching services for writers in literature, comp lit, history, psychology, qualitative social sciences, nursing, business, film, theology & more!

Holt, Heather
Skilled academic editor with expertise in higher education content, K-12 materials, and scientific magazine articles.

Hurley-Jarden, Patricia

Price, Lori
Proofreading, copyediting, editing, blogging, writing

von Schoff, Elizabeth J.
Education specialist with wide experience in classroom education, educational writing and education-oriented technology; German-English translator

Way, Jennifer
Editor, copy editor, and writer

Eagan, Kevin
Academic and nonfiction book editor and proofreader, available for hire.

Hughes, Skye
From press releases to marine biology reports, small city stories to software manuals — I can edit it, write it, research it, format it. Talk to me.

Dallman, Alexandria Nicole
Academic and Technical Editor Specializing in CMOS and APA

Lleuad, Greer
Highly skilled and seasoned editor and writer with experience in manuscript development, substantive/line editing, copy editing, writing, editorial training, and team and project management.

Gerson, Daia
Five decades of freelance editorial experience. Specializing in spirituality, philosophy, psychology, self-help, art, nature, and culture.

Tuggle, Veronica
As your editor, I will fix the problems with your manuscript, but I will not change your voice or your style. When we are done working, you will be proud to show your work to the world.

White, Delene
I am a generalist editor and translator with Ph.D. in German Studies. and experience in developmental (structural) editing, copy-editing, stylistic editing and proofreading

Rosenberg, Jason
Copyediting | Proofreading | Humanities & Social Sciences | ESL | APA, AP, MLA, Chicago | Essay | Arts | Nonfiction

Heath, Karen
Developmental & copy editing, book coaching for fiction and memoir. As an editor and teacher, I’ll help you build on your best to finish your book. Particular experience with first-time authors.

Levy, Edward M.
"Many thanks for your fine work on this project. You did much to improve the writing, and the author has every reason to be grateful to you." –Princeton University Press

Stromer, Lila
I'm dedicated to helping writers focus and polish their words to produce quality work that inspires, informs, and engages their audience. How can I help you make your words crisp, clear, and cohesive?

Ballotta, Rebecca
Award-winning writer, highly esteemed full-service editor, successful publishing coach, with cumulative experience spanning more than 45 years. Check out my full profile now (you know you want to)!

Abeni, Cleis
Warm greetings to you! I am a caring, exacting, veteran editor, researcher, & fact-checker for nonfiction, fiction, & multimedia with 30-plus years of experience working for individuals & businesses.

Megill, Amy
Every great writer needs a great editor.

Whitteker, Danae
Experienced line editor, proofreader - novels, dissertations, and everything in between!

Dempsey, Mary

Platten, Terese B
Science, technology, and engineering, including the social and behavioral sciences: quality substantive and copy editing

Paul, Rachel
Seasoned publishing professional with extensive copyediting, proofreading, design, composition, copywriting, indexing, and project management experience in a wide variety of styles and disciplines.

O'Rourke, Kitty
Kitty O'Rourke | professionally trained editor and proofreader for self-publishing authors | true crime, memoir, psychology | mystery, romantic suspense, dark fiction | www.copykatediting.com

Bernas, Maureen

Wilcox, Alice
Copyeditor, Line editor, Proofreader, Transcription

Butts, Angel
Former MLA staff member with 20 years of editorial experience. MA/ABD in sociology with statistics training. Clients include St. Martin's Press/Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and major universities.

Rosenbaum, Peter
Dissertation and Scholarly Manuscript Help from MIT PhD (Linguistics)--edited for 2,000+ scholars and students worldwide--supportive, responsive, fast, EFA price guidelines.

Santore, Marcia
Amalgamated Story brings together creativity and attention to detail to make your projects the best they can be.

Boman, Allie
Freelance Editor | Academia, Health Care, Nonprofit, Nonfiction | Helping you complete projects with excellence


Lawson-Salmasi, Sonya
Former academic with a PhD in English now working as a freelance writer/editor

Ruggeri, PsyD, Nicole
I am a practicing licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in American Psychological Association (APA) style academic copyediting and proofreading.

Ferguson, Marta
Hunting for the right word? Contact Wordhound Writing & Editing Services, LLC

Rosen, Adam
Nonfiction editor with many years of in-house experience. Friendly, not stuffy. I can help you be your best (writing) self.

Wagner, Meghan
Got science? I can help you get it published, funded, presented, or taught.

Reilly, Kristie
Editor and writer with more than two decades of experience in nonprofit, academic, and technical work.

Winters-Tetreau, Cheryl
Publishing professional with 40+ years of experience in newspaper, magazine, book, and
Web environments. Providing a full range of editorial services, from manuscript to print.

Levin, Judy
I'm an editor & a writer & interested in everything. Writing is hard. An editor is the one person whose only job is to help writers say what they mean as well as they possible can.

Stone, Priscilla
Experienced Developmental Editor, Literary Coach, Writing Strategist. Located in Southern Arizona, works remotely.

Chalew, Gail Naron
Specialist in bringing coherence and organization to academic manuscripts, with expertise in the social sciences, political science, Jewish studies, and the humanities

Baker, Lauren P.
Catalysis Biomed, LLC, Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS), PhD in Neurobiology

Rada, James
An award-winning freelance writer who can help you with all aspects of book publishing & promotion.

Holmberg, Sheryl
Full range of writing, editorial, and design services. Talk to me about your project. I'd love to hear from you!

Elliott Escobedo, Catherine
"Catherine is a rare gem in the publishing industry. Her knowledge and skills are surpassed only by her remarkable sense of passion."

Johnson, Karyn
I've been a professional writer and editor for 17 years, working with clients from a variety of industries on web content, blog posts, articles, and more. I'm also a former writing instructor.

Jones, J. Sydney
J. Sydney Jones is the author of twenty books of fiction and nonfiction.

Lee-De Amici, PhD, Beth
Thorough, versatile editor with an eye for detail and an ear for voice and cadence. I handle fiction, nonfiction, and film/TV scripts in a variety of genres and subject areas.

Chao, Patricia
Copywriter/Editor/Journalist for Pharma/Music/Literary etc, digital and graphic skills

Mager-Lightfoot, Stephani
I'm an editor who works in both the corporate industry and the book editing industry. As a book editor, I bring a background in history, specializing in Ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology.

Sutton, Kelsey

Johnson, Dana
Versatile editor and writer, educator, and scientist blends creativity and practicality for top-quality products with plain and conscious language; sound pedagogy; and clear and correct copy.

Pfister, MA, Christina
Let me help you clarify your vision, organize your argument, and submit your manuscript, article, or academic paper with confidence!

Rankin, Tess
Academic editing and Spanish-to-English translation.

Rose, Lisa
Your writing matters. OPENINGS in MAY / JUNE 2022: experienced educator, editor, and book coach with an MA in English. Preferred genres/topics: Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Parenting, LGBTQ+

Green, Faolan C.
As an editor, I team keen feedback with boundless encouragement. I offer developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting for literary, speculative, and historical fiction, and academic writing.

Courtney-Smith, Diana
Developmental and Line Editing provided from a unique perspective.

DeVita, Ann
Content and copy editor for fiction, nonfiction, and scholarship. Founding editor of Isthmus literary journal and former in-house editor.

Cooksy, Leslie
Developmental editor for research journal articles and reports, grant proposals, and other documents requiring clear organization and writing

Miller, James Scott
Whatever your project, I can help you build a narrative that works while using my mastery of language to ensure your voice shines.

Fueger, Kathleen M

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